Snapchat for Brands

Is your brand leveraging the potential of the snap? Snapchat is a captivating channel to reach your audience through stories that last mere seconds, while meeting your business objectives with real time results. It’s the perfect platform to target the millennial generation’s short attention span and quench their thirst for quick, visual updates on what matters most to them.

“Snapchat discards content to focus on the feeling that content brings to you, not the way that content looks. This is a conservative idea, the natural response to radical transparency that restores integrity and context to conversation.” -Evan Spiegal

Sharing brand specific content and behind the scenes moments are a purposeful way to add value to the customer experience. Consistently providing exclusive, distinct content will keep your followers consistently awaiting your next snap!


You can create even more of a hype by capitalizing on the stories and screenshots feature of the app and implementing them into your promotional strategy. For instance, encourage your followers to take a screenshot of your snap, share it on Twitter with your chosen campaign hashtag for the chance to win some sort of monetary prize. Another idea is to offer incentives for opening a snap all together. If you are a small business or organization, ask your followers to send you a snap at a specific location (preferably at yours!). Once they do, reply with a snap that contains a secret reward that they can only redeem by opening the snap in real time at your location. It’s simple, engaging, and will almost certainly build a buzz around your brand!

Happy Snapping!

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