Tinder Trickery

Marketing managers at SXSW in Austin pulled at some heart strings last weekend with their deviously devised social media campaign. Mastering the art of meeting consumers where they are, many found themselves falling in love with the beautiful Ava over their smart phones. It was a Tinder match made in heaven, right up until it wasn’t.


Ava is not like every girl. In fact, she’s artificially intelligent. So in other words, she’s a robot. Oh, and she’s the main character in the upcoming movie Ex Machina. Tinder users quickly gathered this as they were directed to her Instagram account. The first post’s caption reads “You are dead center of the single greatest scientific event in the history of man.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.40.55 PM

Users can view trailers and other content about Ex Machina including their incredibly intuitive, responsive website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.23.52 PM

What’s brilliant is that the Tinder matches were able to experience a (somewhat setup and spammy) connection to the main character. Since the entire campaign synchs so well with the plot of the movie, how can anyone be mad? Except that one guy. He might still be mad.

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