The Buzz on Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed strategically operates according to their mission of “redefining online advertising”; gaining revenue from their social strategy and creating advertising content that appears as though it’s editorial. Easily digestible, shareable content that tells a story is the Buzzfeed brand.




Although BuzzFeed’s social strategy is heavily reliant on creating daily ‘viral’ content, the company has gradually been moving towards providing more traditional news content as well. There are currently twenty-eight content sections, with topics such as Politics, Entertainment, Quizzes, Videos, Animals, and Parents. Their Youtube channels are also segmented into specific categories of content and are labeled by colors (BuzzFeed Violet, BuzzFeed Yellow, BuzzFeed Blue, etc). For instance, the BuzzFeed Violet’s video series is trademarked as “The good kind of awkward. Short relatable videos” while BuzzFeed Yellow is “tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew.” Recognizable employees are consistently featured and serve as an imperative extension to the BuzzFeed brand. They engage through their personal Snapchat and Instagram accounts and in turn have earned celebrity status among their fanbase.

A quote from The Guardian perfectly captures their strategy in a sentence: “BuzzFeed is successful because of the internet, rather than in spite of it.” Yay internet! 






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