Hello Inspiration, Do You Read Me?

Sometimes we find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed without intention. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, the sun doesn’t have the energy to fight it’s way through the intrepid storm, leaving us with less than a pep in our step. Sometimes we are the sun itself, maneuvering an overcast morning without any prediction of when the rain will cease. 

The thirst for insight and quest for inspiration is inevitable, it’s the narrative of our memories and the drywall of our daily lives. The catalysts of a new idea are the unsung heroes of our successes and failures, yet too many of us blindly accept the notion that our molecules aren’t made of motion. We follow the leader just as we were told to in kindergarten.

Without inspiration there is no creation. Without madness or chaos, without ripples or sparks, we sacrifice our senses and self worth. We limit our longevity, deprive the hunger of our spirit and leave our minds stagnate, similar to if we sat static on the couch for all of our waking hours. We must continue to be curious. We must exploit the exuberance of our youth. We must challenge conformity and the normalized standards society imposes on us. 

Most of all, we must live in a colorful constant while appreciating the black and white. Whether you identify as a writer, musician, engineer, or venture capitalist, we all occasionally meet up with mundane moments. It’s time that we finally become reintroduced to our meaning. Need some help? Here are five ways to rediscover inspiration.

1. Forget About You

This is one of my favorite gems of wisdom that I’d like to think I knew all along, but was enlightened with while studying abroad in New Zealand. While attempting to reconnect to the land, species, indigenous people and the wild air, we let go of our egos. Although such a simple exercise, this state of being made it so easy to absorb the everything around us without harnessing the weight of the world strapped on our shoulders. 

Take time to forget about yourself as often as possible, but especially in the specific circumstances of being alone and being captivated in conversation. In each of these scenarios, it’s important to either focus all of your attention on the environment surrounding you or the words being spoken to you. Tree tops and shooting stars have as many stories to tell as people. We just need to listen.

2. Write Everything

Any speck of thought should always be considered grandiose. The fragments of the mind can eventually add up to something larger than life, so write it all down. I suggest something that requires paper and pen, because technology fails us all at some point. For instance, I had to write this entire article over again because my iPhone note disappeared. So please, bring that journal with you wherever you go.

3. Clear Out The Clutter

Physical and emotional clutter can consume our thought process, even subconsciously. The spaces we occupy should be somewhat sacred, but are often ignored and neglected. 

First, literally clean up. Actually throw away the rotting food and useless grocery store receipts. Donate clothing you’ve grown out of. Dust. Open the blinds and allow light to ricochet off your mirror. 

Second, find things that motivate you, such as quotes, music, Polaroids, yoga poses, the color yellow. Find ways to include these things in every corner of your existence. Little gestures of kindness expressed to YOU show YOU that YOU care, even when no one else seems to.

The third is up to you.

4. Visualize

Establish a concocted universe in your imagination where you are whoever you aim to become. Or even someone you still don’t know. Construct their presence, their style, their attitude, their language. Expand your regimented conscious and explore the possibilities of a new and improved you. Once you visualize this somebody, you’ll be amazed as the doorway that barricades your mind opens up.

5. Look A Little Closer

Believe in the beauty of brevity. Examine the ordinary elements of the every day. Appreciate what has been sitting on your front door step, wrapped up, waiting to be opened. These predictable packages sometimes hold the potential of exposing us to epiphany. That’s some sweet serendipity, if I do say so myself.


This piece of mine is also featured on Odyssey

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