Gemstone-Infused Cosmetics

The last time you cracked open a fortune cookie at the local Chinese buffet, or glimpsed at your horoscope while standing at the check-out line, things were looking up. You were promised career success, longevity, and even a reclaimed romance. But unfortunately, your chaotic, havoc-filled daily life has taken its toll, and as much as you’d like to daydream about a possible promotion or proposal, that’s all it will ever be, a possibility. But what if you could take control over your future the moment you wake up, before your cup of coffee and commute to work? Enter gemstone-infused cosmetics.

Gemstones are taking over vanity sets everywhere, and have been for decades. In fact, Ancient Egyptians and Romans were the true trend-setters, incorporating crystals into their routines to attract love and luck, balance their energy and rekindle their spirituality. But in our 21st Century Western world, priorities have shifted. It’s no wonder why many of us are on autopilot, running on an endless treadmill where if we stop, we’re thrown off. Finding tranquility in our rushed society is hard to come by, so naturally, stress takes over our state of equilibrium. That’s why this New Age practice is the craze that’s here to stay.


For the skeptics out there, let’s talk layman’s terms. Gemstones take the common beauty ritual one step further, by not only resolving your skin imperfections, but improving your inner self all at once. After all, our physical ailments are often caused by hormonal or emotional stressors. Realizing and revitalizing our auras, while feeling like royalty, is something we can all agree on.

Although gemstones may be precious, never underestimate their power. Crystals are charged with varying vibrations and frequencies that respond to our individual body chemistries. Depending on your skincare needs or mood swings, there is a crystal out there waiting for you. Many women even don their favorite gemstone as an accessory, and reap the benefits of its natural healing properties all day long. Searching for your gemstone soul-mate is a search within yourself, and a euphoric process. There’s no better place to start than with Kristals Cosmetics prized and praised crystals.

Regardless of whichever gemstone-infused cosmetic you settle on, rest-assured it will absorb your negative energies and replace them with positivity. These metaphysical minerals each have their own singular purposes for healing both your complexion and your conscious. A two for one deal is always a win-win, especially when it results in holistic beauty, inside and out.


As much as we tend to scrutinize our past and plan for the future, all that we will ever have is the present moment. If we want to feel empowered in the now, find our center, and achieve internal harmony, we have to be intentional with our actions, no matter how small they are. Just like taking the stairs instead of the elevator restores our health, and choosing a fruit over candy purifies our body, deliberately reenergizing our skin with gemstones cleanses our spirit. In other words, we activate and balance our chakras while rediscovering inner peace and self-love.

So we’ve established that gemstones are not only a sweeping skincare trend, but one of the newest (and oldest) alternative therapies in the beauty industry. But what makes this ritual so delightful, is that it’s all about you, every step of the way.


First, decide on a product type that suits your desires. Many brands infuse crystals into soaps, perfumes, moisturizers, eye serums, facial masks, exfoliants, bath salts… you name it. Find the one matches your personality and skincare must-haves, and you’re half-way there.

The next step is choosing the gemstone you want to befriend. Just like it is good practice to conduct a Google search before your blind date, researching which gemstones reflect your personal goals is the key to your future bliss. Have you been dealing with sudden bouts of resentment and remorse lately, while your skin has been dull and dry? Amethyst might be the gem you need, providing you with the resiliency and motivation to move forward, releasing your woes back into the world. Maybe you have been feeling down on your luck and insecure as you confront your wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Rose Quartz is your calling your name, and is bound to boost your confidence. Perhaps instead you are a sapphire, diamond or ruby kind of woman. The hunt is officially on. Take a gander at our comprehensive selection of gemstones until you find the one.


This was a content marketing piece written for the Miami-based company, Kristals Cosmetics.

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