Skincare Trends for 2017

Many fads, whether in fashion, design, or technology, come and go (and result in some laughs later on). But when it comes to skincare, you don’t want to join the frenzy for a risky DIY treatment that could go majorly wrong. So instead, here are the timeless skincare trends, that we promise you won’t regret.

Back to Basics

Oftentimes, the most overlooked, underrated treatments are the most effective, and beauty experts are in full support of bringing it back to the basics. If we want to maintain a youthful glow and a healthy spirit, it’s essential to start from the ground up. That means sleeping for at least eight hours per night, staying hydrated, being aware of and managing your stress, exercising frequently, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and sugary preservatives. Michaela Schmitz, a licensed aesthetician, shines light on this reality. “All the treatments in the world will never be as beneficial if the client is not avoiding the common collagen killers, such as dehydration, a poor diet, stress, alcohol, and too much sun. Sleep and sunscreen are a must for combatting dark circles and sagging skin.” Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal, a Board-Certified Dermatologist in South Florida, also recommends weekly yoga and meditation to achieve full-body wellness.

Beauty wipes

“I love beauty wipes” exclaims Jacquelyn Dosal, MD. “They are convenient, great for on-the-go, and are excellent at removing makeup. They also replace harsher face washes that leave the face feeling tight, which isn’t good for the skin.”

Antioxidants that fight free radicals

Dr. Dosal is also an advocate for products that protect against environmental pollution and free radicals. “We all encounter a fair amount of damaging factors every day, sun being the number one culprit.  But in addition, pollutants such as smoke, chemicals and the quality of air all irritate our skin, even if it is on a microscopic level and not obviously perceptible. Having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in skin care to battle these environmental factors is critical.”

The pollutants we come in contact with daily can cause free radicals which attach to and damage our skin, along with hyperpigmentation, inflammation and (of course), wrinkles. Antioxidants prevent this. “Some of my favorite antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, and niacinamide.”

Schmitz urges her patients to incorporate antioxidants in their regimen. “As we get older, thirty years and onwards, we should always be using serums under the eyes with vitamin A and or vitamin C for collagen production and rejuvenation. Vitamin K is also great for strengthening dilated blood capillaries and kojic acid for addressing pigmentation under the eyes.”

Multitasking Makeup

Today, we want products that do two, or three tasks at once, which is why many of us jumped on the beauty balm bandwagon. We love the weightlessness of BB creams, and the moisturizing effects of the CC cream. “The benefits that I see are that they usually include sunscreen, which is a major plus, and also have a tint which is great at covering blemishes” says Dr. Dosal.

Natural remedies

Another trend that Dr. Dosal has noticed in her clinical career is harnessing nature into cosmeceuticals. “We started to carry some exquisite lines that harness the anti-aging benefits of nature, discovered serendipitously. For example, the workers that deal with baby salmon and their eggs were noted to have pristine skin on their hands, and the same goes for coffee bean gatherers. Those concentrated ingredients have been translated into skin care. There is now a product that uses ingredients captured from snails, which is pretty remarkable.”


Psycho physiological factors can, and likely do, affect our skin conditions, according to the Harvard Health Publications. The human body is both intricate and interconnected. Although we react to the events in our lives, we are in control of our state of being. To orchestrate our  levels, requires us to practice mindfulness.

“I am great believer in the power of crystals on our health and wellbeing and believe the balance of our spiritual emotional and physical body is detrimental to our inner and outer beauty”, remarks Michaela Schmitz, a licensed Aesthetician. “I perform microdermabrasion with the diamond tip wand and love the results that can be obtained especially combined with other anti-aging treatments.”

Keep an eye out for…

Korean bubble masks, skin boosters, facial cleansing brushes, oxygen-infused makeup, sheet masks, and magic water drops. We hear they are all the rave.

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