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Skincare Trends for 2017

Many fads, whether in fashion, design, or technology, come and go (and result in some laughs later on). But when it comes to skincare, you don’t want to join the frenzy for a risky DIY treatment that could go majorly wrong. So instead, here are the timeless skincare trends, that we promise you won’t regret. […]

Top-Rated Wrinkle-Fighters

Ah, the joys of aging and the inevitable wrinkly woes that await us. If only they were as endearing on us as they are on basset hounds, we’d have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this typically isn’t the case. Whether you’re 25, 55, or somewhere in between, we all can learn a thing or two […]

Seven Beauty Rules To Never Break

Attempting to sift through the bombardment of beauty advice in modern lifestyle magazines or blogs can easily make someone overwhelmed. Quite often, the ubiquitous “best practices” for skincare are not only confusing, but contradictory. Sigh. Here’s a standard to live by- take extra care of your skin regime, and worry less about having to rectify […]

Five Natural Beauty Secrets

Puppies, kittens, freshly baked cookies…all things, universally, most of us wouldn’t mind smothering ourselves in. Toxic, acidic chemicals? Not so much. But why, then, do we shell out half of our paycheck on beauty products that are only damaging our skin? It’s time to acknowledge the natural, organic beauty remedies that are most likely stored […]

Six Hacks for Your Best Skin Ever

Our skin is a reflection of the events in our lives and our inner state of harmony. And as a gentle reminder, our days ahead are unpredictable. It’s impossible to fully prepare for the waxing and waning of our emotions, our unexpected hormonal imbalances, or even that wicked mosquito bite. Fortunately, we can become equipped […]

Gemstone-Infused Cosmetics

The last time you cracked open a fortune cookie at the local Chinese buffet, or glimpsed at your horoscope while standing at the check-out line, things were looking up. You were promised career success, longevity, and even a reclaimed romance. But unfortunately, your chaotic, havoc-filled daily life has taken its toll, and as much as […]