Explore Rochester

Before meandering my way to the magic city, I spent nearly 22 years (aka my entire lifespan) in Rochester, NY. I’ve learned that if you tell anyone you’re from New York, they’ll immediately assume you’re referring to the most iconic, vivacious city in the world- not Upstate. Rochester was long overdue for some celebration of […]

The Prowess of Personal Branding

I have vivid, vivacious memories of maneuvering the middle school hallways with my trumpet case in tow, an awkward bang trim and mismatched converse sneakers. I remember shouting “have a serendipitous day!” over the loudspeaker at 2:50 p.m. as everyone rushed to catch their bus ride home. I remember the day I acquired one of […]

What 8am Taught Me, and Other Internship Lessons

I’m not much of a morning person, but you could say 8am and I have surpassed our acquaintance status and are in the midst of a budding friendship. The radio talk shows, parking garage rooftop views and last minute powdered donuts have been a glimpse into what exists below the adulthood ledge I’ve been teetering on.      […]

The Buzz on Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed strategically operates according to their mission of “redefining online advertising”; gaining revenue from their social strategy and creating advertising content that appears as though it’s editorial. Easily digestible, shareable content that tells a story is the Buzzfeed brand.     Although BuzzFeed’s social strategy is heavily reliant on creating daily ‘viral’ content, the company has gradually […]

How to be the Best Worst Trendjacker

Remember those middle school fads that lasted almost as long as the homecoming king and queen’s relationship? Remember Silly Bandz, YOLO, and planking on a park bench? Well, you can think of a bad trendjacker like a marketer in middle school, except they’re a middle-aged wannabe desperately trying to relive their youth. Although it can […]

Digital Campaigning in 5 Steps

The digital marketing landscape is a cluttered yet colorful space, where social algorithms and content strategies change overnight and the art of storytelling is redefining business purposes everywhere. In a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to being the next digital connoisseur for your agency or organization! Step 1: Objective What does […]

Free People’s Digital Content Strategy

The saying “how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you” can be equated to brands just as easily as people. An exemplar of this idea is Free People, allowing their customers to find inspiration in the many corners of the digital spaces in which they occupy. The clothing lines of Free […]

Tinder Trickery

Marketing managers at SXSW in Austin pulled at some heart strings last weekend with their deviously devised social media campaign. Mastering the art of meeting consumers where they are, many found themselves falling in love with the beautiful Ava over their smart phones. It was a Tinder match made in heaven, right up until it […]

Local Branding: Pour Coffee Parlor

From the corners of East End to South Wedge and all the city streets in between, Rochester NY has become a cornucopia for new businesses to sprout and flourish. Shopping small isn’t a novelty but rather the norm for those who wish to lead a community-conscious lifestyle; choosing entrepreneurial growth, sustainability and economic prosperity over conformity. […]

Snapchat for Brands

Is your brand leveraging the potential of the snap? Snapchat is a captivating channel to reach your audience through stories that last mere seconds, while meeting your business objectives with real time results. It’s the perfect platform to target the millennial generation’s short attention span and quench their thirst for quick, visual updates on what […]